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Online Older Women Dating Tips

  • January 26, 2014 9:10 am

A higher share of men hand over when many monthes of on-line dating.because they get no results.Especially for those younger cubs who are looking for older women,they make mistakes that make some ladies disinterested.There are some tips for those single young guys how to date older women online.

#1.Don’t Be Nude.

Be gentle men when you upload your pictures.Older women dating is not pornographic dating.Older women like your hard body,want to have a fun,but they love these boys steady and polite.So you’d better wear your clothes no matter how hot the weather is when you decide to upload a picture.On the other hand,she need to know whether you are serious.

#2.Complete Profile

Be sure of that you finish all the information.Such as the required questions about me,about my match and be honesty.Upload your photos as many as possible.A cougar likes your sincerity,no fake.Show yourself is necessary.Don’t write some rude words such as fuck and some other words like that. Raise your middle finger is forbidden.For your security,you’d better don’t input your personal email and phone number.

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#3.Be Positive

No matter you are younger cub or older woman,please take the initiative to pursue your love.Some guys signed up on a older women dating site,then just waited for others say hi to him.Especially for men,you must ask for what you want.Female appreciate the male brave and initiative.Just don’t hesitate to talk to someone.Even though maybe she will ingore your displays of affection,you have no regret.


#4.Stay Online

In order to communicate with other online members timely,please stay online.If you send the emails but no respond,then you give up.When she just in there,you are not online.So remerber to stay online and check out your emails frequently.Maybe she is looking for you.

#5.Respect Female

Please respect the female when you want to have a date with her not online.Give more time to her,just listen to her.A woman must know you are serious and you want to know her further.

#6.Contact The Dating Team Timely

If you meet some problems,don’t forget to contact the dating site team timely.Professional service will help you find the right person faster and effective.

Older women dating must be paitent.If you are interested in older women dating younger men,just have a try.Not only for fun,but also maybe you are lucky to meet your soul mate.



I found love on the site ! (Dating)

  • October 31, 2013 8:04 am
racytay1020 Kingwood, United States

My boyfriend and I talked on the phone two weeks prior to meeting and we had emailed back and forth several times on the site for over a week prior to meeting. We initially planned a phone call but because he had plans with family that ran late we had to put the phone call off, which I thought was fishy. But he called when he said he would the next time. He is very busy with his work, which is not unusual for his level. The conversation went well, I could tell he wanted to get to the elimination round.
I truly didn’t care if I was in or out and was ready to stop dating for a while at this point anyway, I had not had any prior dates from Kisscougar. I told him everything he wanted to know, including why my first marriage ended after 15 years, which is that my husband had decided to become a woman, that is enough to scare some men off right there. He wanted to know if I was ready for a serious relationship. That is precisely why I was dating, which I told him. Our conversation went over an hour and went very well. We decided we wanted to meet and left that open because I still was not sure what my schedule was with my THREE children (again another scary factor for some men). So, he rang me less than a week later and asked if we could get together. I wanted to see him, but I had made plans with a girlfriend to attend a play, she was not sure she was going to make it due to her work schedule so I told him I would have to get back to him.

I was going to be disappointed if I didn’t get to meet this man who declared after I first “winked” at him on the site that we were a “match”. So, I told my friend that I would prefer to meet this man that I’ve been trying to meet since she was unsure she could make it before doors close. I met my date at the theater and he was more down to earth and normal than I expected. I typically never made the first moves on the dating sites, but I did wink at about ten men on the same day that were all from the Houston area. I am sure glad I did that because I am so glad I met this one. He was the first man I met from the site, I don’t ever want to meet another man. We had the best first date ever watching the Santaland Diaries that I had gotten tickets for and we walked to a historic hotel nearby that he knew of for dinner. He landed the first peck on the lips there. I usually do not want to kiss on the first date, but as we talked at dinner that night I could not help but think “Is this guy for real?”, so his kiss was welcome. We have now been dating for almost eight months.


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Initially when dating online, I had many rules for myself. I would not meet for more than a drink (waste of time, I thought). I would not initiate contact by emailing or winking. I am glad I bent the rules and decided to have a real date with a man who could carry on a good phone conversation and I winked at him first. I am a busy mom and I don’t want to waste my time, but it is an investment of time. I had several REALLY bad dates for over 2 years before I met this man. I could write a very detailed book about those dates. But it was all worth it to meet the right person. My guy was also ready to throw in the towel, so keeping the attitude that they also have to take time out to make plans, be on time, shave, and generally carry on a good conversation and then pay the bill is a good start. It’s a mutual effort.

I am glad I bent my rules and made the first move online. I had thought if they want to know me they would reach out, but some men who I might have been willing to get to know had eliminated me thinking I would not be interested in them. In fact, the man I am dating saw my pictures on another dating site and based on those thought I would not be interested in him. I disagree, I winked at him on Kisscougar.com. I initially made the mistake on my profile on another site of saying what I don’t want, and I did much better finding what I want when I stated honestly what I wanted. I think men should do the same on theirs.

There is a lot of speculation on the site about if it is “real” or “does it work”. All I know is that it has worked for me to find a man who accepts me and my children. The site is as real as the people on it. I would recommend for the site to allow some interaction from successful members to new members of the same sex.

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How To Dating Younger Men

  • October 11, 2013 6:39 am

Shyness stays at home but you haven’t seen the impact of your charm yet. Whatever you do happens while you’re having a talk with  a younger man, who five minutes ago was a complete stranger. You never stop wondering if dating him was a good idea. Fortunately, you’ll learn what every man see in a woman and how to take advantage of it. This will save you time and energy!

1.Exercise yourself; he looks for your shape. The good news is you don’t need to be a model, because men scan complementary elements you can use to get their attention; a simple nice dress, fresh subtle fragrance always attract them.  Wearing oblique cuts helps shape your body; please, make sure you’re wearing heels, not skyscrapers, to get better results.

Dating Younger Men


2.Image includes make up. It has to be natural and stick out what you want him to see first while meeting you. If that’s not your face, ears for instance, use shiny jewelry; not necessarily diamonds. Choosing bright or contrasting colors are the clue.  A common mistake: most women use huge jewels; you don’t wanna obstruct your meeting with fool things, right?

 3.Continuing the above idea, men are pragmatic; it means they always try to live the best of each moment. If you want to captivate them you need to have the same mindset. Avoid every obstacle or distraction while dating; including bothering phone calls, clothes and jewels.

4.Never play up with what he says. Identifying with his hobbies and experiences doesn’t mean you should laugh out loud. Being demure and clever speaks well of what practical and fun is to be with you.

5.Smiling is the best weapon, unless you do it in a forced way. In order to conquer men, each time you laugh and smile, do it with flinty eyes; he’ll think you always feign feelings otherwise.

6.Men usually chase a woman when interested. Use it in your favor; let him take for dinner. Get every gift with surprise, excitement and most importantly without teasing. Let him conquer you.

7.Conquer him without chasing him. If he calls you, don’t respond. You can call him back after few minutes or send an email. The key is neither being hard to get dating nor showing despair. Instead, be smarter and show interest while being subtle.

8.Show self confidence. Having high self-esteem without being pedantic is greatly appreciated; furthermore, it makes men mad. How you can show it? By never being jealous. That’s something they really hate. Never presume and compare yourself to better or worse with others and less with friends.

9.Your partner is not your confessor. Maybe you’re making this mistake without getting aware. Don’t tell him all your afflictions and things you only tell a friend. I refer to personal things as diet, your shoes, clothes, what you hate about your gynecologist, etc.

10.Listen to him carefully. Part of being a good conversationalist is to listen to others, so they can feel understood. No one likes to be interrupted or cheated, so… only listen and show an open mind.

Now you can get results that stick, you’re ready to play every younger men dating game. Follow all tips and tell us your results. I’m sure you’re love life is gonna change. Good luck and remember you were born to succeed!

Date A Cougar Tips

  • September 14, 2013 6:43 am

It’s said for the males date a cougar is more interesting  for fun than find a lifetime partner. But when you start a relationship,every thing is possible.You never know what happen in the next time. To avoid the unnecessary pity,you must know some basic tips.

Date A Cougar


If you can do the rights thing when date a cougar,of course you can harvest the hot time with her.If not,you have to come home to sleep alone. So if you except to get a steady relationship with her,you must see this article carefully.

It’s a common phenomenon that when dating a cougar besides the steady relationship but that it often involves sex dating.You can choose the place  where you like but never too eager to do that.But this type of dating just for sex is not suitable to everyone.It’s best  for those guys and cougars who only want to have fun.Before you start this kind of relationship,you must know clearly what are you doing and your partner,too.

While there are many cougars and younger men enjoy the cougar dating for each other’s happy.You must take every step carefully.It’s easy for one to lose track of logical thinking,especially if you get too consumed with the spark and excitement that it brings to your life.

If you date a cougar  trough some cougar dating sites,you should watch out.Because there are some scams chatting on these sites.If you can’t sure if there sites are safe absolutely,keep an eye on her information and photos.The best tip for you is choose one good site.And never too trust the person you met on internet.

Another major concern is your health. When you engaged in cougar sex dating,care about the safe sex,make sure you protect yourself against STDs and other related diseases that will harm your health.

You will fell so better especially for these some people’s dating standards.And,it is important to be sure of pitfalls and these factors that can impact your overall dating experience.

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Don’t Do These Things When Date A Cougar

  • August 16, 2013 6:09 am

Don’t think it’s just easy to have a dinner when you date a cougar .You must know,they think the man is the species that own stronger goal, and behind every detail with your dating must be hidden in your some kind of motivation.

In the same date,she may agree with marry you,or can become your partner for a night. If she can’t be penetrative at the beginning of the date,when every thing make sense to go to bed,she probably have no time to say “no”.The first date is very important. If you want to give her a good impression and impressed with you,  you must pay attention to some details.

The first thing: ask a woman “do you like me?”

Don’t ask such a thing, at least not on the first date. This action will only be fully exposed your  unconfident. On the other hand,if she don’t like you,she wouldn’t be sitting in front of you.

The second thing: make a phone call or send messages in the date.

If not family accident or the end of the world,don’t keep SMS phone in dating, that’s the reason why 67% of people dating failure.

The third thing: exgirlfriend/exboyfriend.

Women don’t want to hear any information about your EX on a first date, it will destroy the atmosphere of the date.Two people will  began to compare himself with the former of the other side. If she asks, the best answer is ,it is boring, I’d rather get to know you more.

Fourth one: greasy hair, disheveled.

Imagine that, the female will escape quickly  when see this man.

The fifth: “go dutch or pay together?”

It is better to pay by men in the first date. Although as a modern people, but some traditional things still need to continue.Women can’t date a stingy man twice.Of course, there are some women insist on going dutch, so separately.

The sixth: “what do we do now?”

The question asked by the male is prohibited.

Men should plan the next activity in advance when decided the date. You should prepare several places for the woman to choose, it will  let the woman see your sincerity.

The seventh: “do you still want to meet me?”

Don’t ask, if you want to know ,please wait for the next day. Don’t be too eager to express your mind, get the woman’s curiosity, for having an affair.

The eighth: “go to your home or my home?”

Ask this question, the man will make the cougar feel your dating purpose is not pure. Unless this is the purpose of your dating.

Of course,you can  date a cougar on some cougar dating sites.I recommend you a site www.kisscougar.com.  There are more than 50000 memebers joined in. Sign up for free,you will enjoy yourself.

How To Find A Cougar Online

  • August 2, 2013 7:25 am

Hi,guys. If you are interested in cougar dating but don’t know how to find a real cougar online.This article will help you. Maybe some people would say,it’s not so difficult. You can sign up at a social website such as FB or a tagged and so on.Then find the target,send the messages. But at last,most boys  find they never succeed in these websites. Why?

Firstly,a cougar usually use these social sites to connect to their friends and family members. So the relationship is not their purpose.And you can’t ensure whether these older women are “cougar” . So don’t waste your time and energy in these sites. Secondly,the cougar hardly spend so much time in the internet. If they want to seek a serious relationship they will sign up in some professional cougar dating sites.

Now,how to find a real cougar on these cougar dating sites? First of all,You must admit a truth  No Free Lunch Rule. It’s means you should pay for something that you want to get. Maybe you don’t agree with me,but this is the common phenomenon in this society. If you can’t choose the good cougar dating site,I will strongly recommend you a site www.kisscougar.com. It’s free to sign up. But i suggest you become a fee member. Because only in this way,can you own more information about  other members and send the messages. Second,choose a member. So this is the point of your dating. Search them by different ages and places. A real cougar will fall in her profile in detail if she want a serious relationship. So pay attention to her photos (not just one pic),interests,and requiring. Third,be sure this cougar is interested in you so much like you ,too. If you failed in a communication  with a cougar. Remember that,never give up unless you had done it countless times.  The chance is always waiting for you behind . Last,when you succeed,just do what you do in  social websites. Life is too short to worry about what others think. Like a cougar is like a queen. So long as you search them in heart,i believe you can find your true love.

The cougar is different to the younger girls. About the cougar dating tips you can view our another cougar dating blog  or continue following this blog. We will uninterruptedly sharing some information about the cougar dating sites and tips . Good luck to all the younger guys looking for older women.

Why Dating Older Women

  • July 23, 2013 6:04 am

I recently read an article about age effect when looking for a life partner. The theme is about the older women dating younger men. In this article the author Marina Adshade mentioned, “I don ‘t really understand the cultural preoccupation with older women looking for younger men. The women I know who are with much younger men seem to be slightly embarrassed by that fact. It is too bad. The Age may matter, but It is only one of several factors that are important when you are & for love.” maybe some people indeed distrust the phenomenon that older women looking for younger men.

Even a lot of this kind of women and men are wondering that. I can’t understand the feelings of these women and men either When I know the phenomenon at first. However, I see the reason at last.

2.They are not affected, choose the life and build relationships in their own ways. She will tell you directly if she like you. Never beat around the bush to a older woman. Just do yourself,like what you like as she do.

3.They are mature and know how to dress up herself, this made them looked more young and more sexy. Compared with those general young girls, they pay more attention to practical. They do not need you make a romantic date and moved love words, what they care about just that she likes you, and you also enjoy the feeling of together with her.

4.And, of course, they are very experienced, not just life experience, including when she climbed up your bed, she knew how she should do to let you and her enjoy the sex interest.

No matter what you want is build a serious relationship or just for fun,dating a cougar is your best choice. Don’t care about others’ gossip if you are interested in a older woman. They can give you more that you wouldn’t expect it necessarily. A older women dating site www.kisscougar.com will help you find a older woman or a cougar. So many single older women are looking for their toy-boys. Sign up for free and if you have to send messages to other members just spend one dollar a day on average.

Why A Younger Man Dating With A Older Women?

  • June 24, 2013 3:56 pm

A younger man dating with a older woman sounds kind of fantastic. No matter you accept it or not,it’s a trends of the most younger men like. But why a younger men want to dating with a cougar?

Influenced by traditional culture, “the older woman younger man love” has always been a taboo, always let a person feel a little upset. But experts said, in sometimes the temptation of “mature women” for men is a kind of lasting sexual fantasies. In some Polynesian tribes, the young warrior must sleep with the older women to complete their adult ceremony. Such as “teachers” role of women, in the famous French writer Colette’s novel ” Cherie and The Last of Cherie”, is 49 years old Leah. And the popular culture representative, is the Mrs. Robinson of America film “graduates”.

Kisscougar.com--Find your soul mate.

Kisscougar.com–Find your soul mate.

Many psychologists believe that, ” the older woman younger man love ” reveals the deep in people heart “Oedipus complex”: older women on behalf of “comfort” and “nurture”, it reflects the deep and pure emotion from the man for the mother. The “Soul” author Bret Schell says: “‘Oedipus complex’ is not a simple sexual desire, but a kind of love and desire, it is the reflection of childhood, on behalf of the good times.”

However, A man have illusions of mature women, but often married with a young woman. Anthropologists think, our marriage has ingrained after thousands of years, namely, that men find women reproductive partner, the woman find a good father and support. Some people portrayed the marriage as a man and woman are traded, the man provide the money, status and power, women sold the youth, beauty and ability to have children. Because of the share of “commodity”, the man and the woman come together.

In the United States, people give the big age gap relationship for a unique name — “May – December Romance “, meaning, one is value of life in the spring, and the other parter has entered the late winter. Previously, people call this relationship in the “old woman” as a “cougar”, that this woman is full of predatory. But in today, “May – December Romance ” sounds more poetic apparently. The cougar shows the more independent and experienced.

So in recent years, the “older women dating” attitude is quietly changing. When a man asked if they would like to dating a woman older than him, 72.5% gave the answer for sure. Nowdays hundreds of older women dating sites provide the convenient for the older women and younger men. A good site called www.kisscougar.com is recommanded to all the younger men looking for older women and the older women looking for younger men. There are so many single cougars and younger guys are finding there soul mates. All the real profiles and it’s worthy to have a try.

Cougar Dating Advice For The Introverts

  • June 21, 2013 1:28 am

The introverted people have problems in communicating with others especially when they dating. Even if a introverted cougar,she maybe is puzzled in a cougar dating.There are some dating tips might be necessary to these older women and younger men.

1, Be Honest

kisscougar.com--dating a cougar

kisscougar.com–dating a cougar

Don’t pretend to be a social butterfly. The older women like the younger guy do what they talked.The younger men like the older women  be independent and charmly.The introvert is not a wrong thing. If you want to make friends or want to fall in love with somebody, then you must be honest to tell him/her. Your blunt may scared some people,   those who really appreciate you will be attracted.

2, Meetting at the place you feel comfortable

If you don’t like the noisy bar, then don’t around there. Introverts tend to accommodate others, they will do what others like, even if they feel uncomfortable. Looking for a place you feel comfortable to dating the younger man or dating the older woman such as a coffee shop or a park where you can talked not be disturbed.

At the same time you can consider that date taking with your pet dog or get along with your friend. So at least you will not  too nervous. But it’s not the perfect method for a younger man dating with a older woman. Because this action will misslead  the cougar that you are too childish.

3, Far from  those who have kissed the blarney stone

Especially the cougar, you need to let your partner hear what you think. If your date has never gives you the opportunity to get in a word, so he is not the man for you. A soul mate is not the pouring out only one person. The older woman and the younger man need the commucation each other.

4,Look for subtle feeling

Sometimes you are busy thinking about your first impression and a lot of things need to pay attentioned and forgot  the feeling of just sat down with the man/woman. Do you like the place? Or did you feel crowded, depression and tension? You should make sure your date is good for you and make you feel comfortable.

5, Be careful of people who just want to take advantage of you

Introverted people are usually willing to pay. We listen, we pay attention, and we are willing to do something for others. But you must ensure that your efforts will be return. If you find the romantic action or activity is the result of you repeatedly asked, you must be careful.

6,Do yourself

If your mate asked you change the character of introvert,then give up him/her. Not because it’s harmful to you ,but this mate is not really like you as you like her/him. Introvert has the right to find true love. Only do yourself you can harvest the happiness.

No matter you are an introverted younger man or an introverted older women,so long as you insist persuing the the true love,you wil succesed at last. Or you can try a cougar dating site to meet the person you are interested,because you can dating them  without the potentially embarrassment of face to face rejection. I know a site called >>kisscougar.com <<. Find a cougar or seek the younger man you can try it.

Seek a Cougar and Online Cougar Dating Tips

  • May 28, 2013 7:29 am

Who should you date? The little girl 18 year olds, or the girls  your own ages, even the  hot  older women?
Its said a third of boys would dating with the cougars. About the choice, a net friend said”I Love older women, Also knows what she wants, no drama, no stupid kids to deal with, can actually carry a conversation, behaves in public, wants to be treated like a lady, goes to dinner in a dress, not a stupid worn out sweatshirt,etc etc etc.”  This shows a cougar indeed is more attractive and mature. These women certainly don’t depend on you for anything.They are more experienced and confidence. Also you don’t need to be making as much money as she is. She isn’t going to be concerned about your not being able to pick up the check every time. One of the best things about Cougars is that they have money of their own and they’re not afraid to spend it.

Cougar dating tips

Cougar dating tips

Maybe some one will ask,where can find a cougar?The answer is different. Actually you can find her in the grocery stores or in a gym. But it’s the best way to meeting them in a dating site. Then you should do some right things:
1, Choose the username carefully
We should pay attention to our username because it’s the first impression in a dating site. It is including the information about your purpose and interests .
2,Upload the appropriate photos
Photos are necessary  to introduce yourself to others. Taken the photos as real as possible. And remember that expressing the maturity and reality is the most important thing . If you can’t  agree with this view,so let it gone and don’t upload the photograph owns.
More and younger men are thirsted for the older women.But these guys don’t know how to handle it .Just be yourself,its my advice. Anyway, when had a dating with a cougar,show to them the hard body and passion. A cougar clear knows what guy is suitable. They will tell you the right way to please her if they are interested in you .
A cougar dating site called kisscougar.com is a wonderful site for older women and younger men. No matter you are a cougar or a younger boy, you can find the parter at last. It provides some basic messages for free.Also you can recognize as much as persons in the website via some extra expenses. At last, good luck to all the cougars looking for the younger men and the younger men looking for the older women.